Kenya | 2023 TBD



with The Kutoa Project

The Adventure

The trip of a lifetime

Kutoa Project is a non-profit working with at-risk Kenyan youth, fostering their development through therapeutic services and modeling God’s love. Their goal is to provide a safe environment where youth can come as they are and be restored through the power of Jesus Christ.

Cool Stuff: It’s Africa! What isn’t cool?!

The Service

Adventure & Service

Kutoa Project is a non-profit that works specifically with Kenyan youth and fostering their development through therapeutic services. We are a passionate group of individuals who desperately want to see children have an opportunity to heal from all past experiences. Our goal is that we provide a safe environment where youth can come as they are and be restored through the power of Jesus Christ. Our services include:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Case management
  • Bible studies
  • Education to community leaders on trauma and working with youth
  • Our future goal: a crisis center for individuals who need immediate medical or therapeutic care

Common Questions

Who do I ask if I have more questions?

Please contact Audrey Russell, Human Resources Director at Wildman, with any mission trip related questions at 574-306-4646 or e-mail her at

Who can attend Wildman mission trips?

Any Wildman employee with their family members pending supervisor approval. The suggested age to bring children is between the ages of 10 and 12 or based on their desire and/or maturity level.

What does the fee include?

The fee includes your transportation, hotel stay, food, and airfare.

What type of lodging do you provide in Kenya?

Depending on the group size, the team will either stay at a Guest House or a safe and secure Air Bed & Breakfast.

What about transportation?

Wildman provides transportation via a bus or large van with the groups traveling together.

What will I be doing in Kenya?

The group will put together a VBS program to do with the children in the homes we serve. We will enjoy playing volleyball, soccer, football, rugby, or sports activities during the day. We will enjoy serving with our partners if they have a need with their organization during our stay and participate in any events Kutoa Project is putting on during that time. Plan to perform home visits with our staff or kiddos, enjoy a safari, visit markets, and other tourist experiences. We will attend church and worship service together in the evenings.

Are the trips safe?

The places we will travel are generally crime-free during the daylight hours. A few things to remember are to leave expensive and/or fancy jewelry at home, do not walk down the public streets carrying anything valuable in your hand (example: cell phone), and do not leave the hotel without reporting it to a team leaders. It is critical that you never travel alone, but in small groups to ensure your safety. Should conflict occur, please walk away politely while saying I’m sorry to resolve the situation quickly.

How can I get my passport?

Please visit this site to begin the passport process months in advance of your trip.




What should I wear on the mission trips?

Modesty is key. Men should wear pants & women capris, skirts, or dresses to church. When visiting the school or villages, please do not wear shorts, tank tops, or yoga pants.

Planning Resources

Tools to Help you Plan & Prepare

Trip Prep Guide

This guide explains trip finances, medical information and immunizations, what to expect, security, baggage, and accommodations.

Trip Planner Checklist

Planning for an international trip involves a lot of moving pieces. This checklist lets you know what to do and when to do it.

Sample Support Letter

You probably want to raise support to cover the cost of the trip. This sample support request letter will get you started.

Packing List

What do you pack for a trip like this? Do you need nice clothes? Should you wear flip flops the whole time? This list will help.

Dates: 2023

TBD | 10  days

Participants: 10

Price: $3500

Per Person | TBD

Registration Deadline: TBD

Questions: 574-306-4646

Next Steps

Get Excited

Have the conversations to get approval from leaders and key decision makers.

Attend Info Meeting

We have several information and planning meetings leading up to the trip. Come to one and learn more!

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Register for your spot by calling Wildman Human Resources or by registering via the form below.

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