Frequently Asked Questions

The LoveWorks program seeks to be a source of support to the employees of Wildman Business Group,  their affiliated partners, and customers.

What is LoveWorks?

The LoveWorks initiative provides a platform for people to connect and give and/or receive help or resources.  There are three pillars:

Mission:  LoveWorks exists to build a community of people that value and care for each other through the generosity of their time, skills, and resources.

Vision:  That every Wildman employee would experience true community by helping meet each other’s needs.  Acts 2:44-47

What is the LoveWorks fund?

The LoveWorks fund is a benevolence fund designed to provide assistance to those with financial distresses or needs, and other areas that we place high value on as a company.

How is it funded?

The fund is made up of company and employee donations.  It’s based on the model that we will sacrifice to help each other.  We encourage our employees to sign up for the payroll deduct option, at a minimum of $10/paycheck so you qualify for the tax benefit.

Individuals donate to the fund and the company matches those donations.  We also solicit customers and vendors to donate to the fund.

Who is eligible to apply?


  • WBG Employees – after 90 days of employment, must be actively employed
  • Spouses and children of WBG employees

88% of the fund will be designated for internal categories


  • Our customer contacts with whom we have a relationship
  • Our vendor contacts with whom we have a relationship

A maximum of 12% of the fund will be designated for external categories

What types of needs qualify?
  • Family Emergency – max 2 times/year
  • Health/Medical – after insurance benefit. Excludes abortion and hormonal changes.
  • Adoption – max 1 time per child at the time of adoption
  • Counseling Services
  • Memorial Expenses for employee, spouse, children, parents
  • Mission Trips – Wildman will match funds raised up to $600, max 1 time/year
  • First-time mission trip attendees will be required to go through a class to qualify for matching support and company funded trips
  • Single Parents, including military deployment
What does the application process include?
  • If an eligible person is in need they will submit a completed application which can be completed online or by meeting with an HR representative.
  • The application review is handled by an outside partner, Helping Hands Ministry Incorporated (HHMI). Wildman has a dedicated Project Manager at HHMI who will reach out directly to the applicant to learn more about the situation.  They may request additional information such as income and expenses, bank statement, bill/invoices/etc.
  • HHMI will provide an approval and recommendation within 24-48 hours
  • Checks will be sent from the LoveWorks fund within 24-48 hours
How do I receive the funds?

Funds are not paid directly to employees.  The checks will be made payable to third-party vendors only, such as utility companies, landlords, adoption agency, etc.  Checks can be mailed directly to the third party, or to the applicant to be given to the third party.

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